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Dry (VPI) Transformers - Urja Techniques India Private Limited, Mumbai - Mumbai

Dry (VPI) Transformers - Urja Techniques India Private Limited, Mumbai

Iron core dry type transformers are suitable for indoor installations in explosive atmospheric areas and populated locations such as malls, multiplex etc. These dry type transformers have F or H insulation class with or without enclosure as per the site requirement.Dupont Nomex insulating material is used to secure the windings in place during vacuum and pressure impregnation process with superior class of resin to suit highly humid / dusty atmosphere & free from fire hazard. The result is a coil that exhibits high short circuit protection due to the tightly bond conductors comparable to completely resin encased molded transformers at a substantially reduced cost.Dry transformers are very compact in sizes and hence suitable for basement installations in high rise buildings etc. Iron core Dry type transformers are available with low losses giving savings over long service periods. Periodical vacuum cleaning of winding surface is the only maintenance. The capacity range of these iron core transformer is up to 2000 KVA with primary Voltage up to 11 KV class & secondary Voltage between 433 to 6600 Volts.

Urja Techniques India Private Limited, Mumbai updated this ad for Plant - Machines in Mumbai on 28-Mar-2011 16:39:28 and it has been visited by 205 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Urja Techniques India Private...


No. B-17, Shree Ram Industrial Estate, G. D. Ambekar Road, Wadala, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 031, India

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