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Sanalvi Boutique Offering Embroidery suits, Neck Embroidery - Agar Nagar, Ludhiana

Sanalvi Boutique is one of the leading designer boutique in Ludhiana offering variety of winter wear, cotton wear, formal wear suits. Our boutique offer attractive embroidery and fabric catering to your requirement.

We have our own trained workers who will do hand/machine embroidery on your suits.We have given a new dimension to punjabi suits. Our designs work very well on casual and formal suits. These designs would work on any surface of fabric like linen, cotton, silk, georgette etc.

Our main motto is to serve u better.

sanalvi updated this ad for Boutiques in Agar Nagar Ludhiana on 27-Feb-2015 20:59:42 and it has been visited by 13264 visitors so far on Clickindia.


Call sanalvi - 9501789124 / 09888021222

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