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Medical Coding Online Training Course Chennai - Chennai

Medical Coding Online Training Course Chennai

ALDOS MEDSERVE provides online Medical Coding Training program for candidates with any degree or diploma. Medical Coding online course can be done in 2 levels.

CMCB: (Certificate Medical Coding and Billing) Entry level Medical Coding course conducted by Aldos helps candidates to acquire the coding skills required to secure an entry level job in the field of Medical Coding.

ACMC: (Advanced Certificate Medical Coding) This program equips candidates with advanced principles of Medical Coding and helps them to prepare for credentialing exams conducted by AAPC (CPC) and AHIMA (CCS). The candidate is given the opportunity to practice on 1500 exam pattern questions which will enable them to become confident in attending the exam.

Both the CMCB program and ACMC program can be entirely  taken and completed Online.

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