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St. Judes school in Deradun - Majra, Dehradun

St. Judes school in Deradun

St.Jude's  School was founded in 1994 by Mr. & Mrs. R.V GARDENER , renowned educationists.The  School is from Playgroup to ISC (CLASS XII)  The school is situated on West  Canal Road,just behind Hilton's School in Majra, Dehradun The institution is a registered co- educational Anglo-Indian School. 

The school aims at a sound basis of education along modern lines and the programme of instruction is designed to produce a sense of vocation and spirit of service to the country.
Care is taken to develop integrity of character, initiative and courtesy.
Moral instruction is imparted to all pupils, the object being to make them worthy citizens of India.
Stress is laid on the preference of quality over quantity in learning.

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