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Chartered Engineer & Valuer - Dwarka Sector-7, Delhi

I have been practicing as  CHARTERED ENGINEER, VALUER PLANT & MACHINERY and  
SURVEYOR  &  LOSS   ASSESSOR   for the last 9 years  before that I was Air Force Engineer for 30 years in various Capacities

1. Installation certificates
 At the time of final redemption of export obligation license holder shall submit certificate from the Independent Chartered Engineer confirming the use of spares so imported in the installed capital goods on the basis of stock & consumption register maintained by license holder.

2. Chartered Engineer's (CE Certification) for Second Hand Plants, Machinery and Spares Exported to India :
It is mandatory to have CE Certification for custom's clearance for second hand plant & machinery being imported to India. The certification relates to state of the goods, balance future life, contents, value for assessment of customs

3. EPCG License- Export promotion capital good scheme
The applicant may apply for EPCG license along with a certificate from the independent chartered engineer on the proforma annexed to Aayaat Niryaat Form certifying the end use of capital goods sought for import for its use at pre production, production or post production stage for the product undertaken for export obligation.
The Licensing Authority concerned shall, on the basis of the nexus certificate from an Independent Chartered Engineer (CEC) submitted by the applicant in Appendix 32A, issue the EPCG license and thereafter forward a copy of the EPCG licence to the concerned Jurisdictional Central Excise Authority.

4. Pre-Shipment Inspection (General):

5. Import into SEZ

6. Export of defective parts/equipments which cannot be repaired in India
An advance licence is granted for the import of inputs without payment of basic customs duty. Such licenses are issued in accordance with the policy and procedure in force on the date of issue of the license and is subject to the fulfillment of a time-bound export obligation, and value addition as maybe specified. Advance licenses maybe either value based or quantity based.

8. Exemption to goods supplied to service provider such as hotels or stand alone restaurants under served from India scheme ( GENERAL  EXEMPTION NO.  27  )
Central Government exempts capital goods , office equipments , professional equipments , office furniture and consumables related to service sector business and food items from the whole of duty of excise and additional duty of excise subject to a certificate from independent chartered  engineer confirming installation and use of the goods in the factory or premises within 6 months from date of clearance .
Managed hotel means hotels managed by a three star or above hotel/hotel chain under an operating management contract for a duration of at least three years  between operating hotel/hotel chain and hotel being managed. The management contract must necessarily cover the entire gamut of operations/management of managed hotel

9. Certification of  DBK1  statement by independent chartered  engineer for claiming duty drawback on all industry rates/fixation of drawback  rates/refund of terminal  excise  duty

10. Computation of  Amortisation cost of     tools     (  Moulds/Dies )  used in the manufacture of components/parts 

11.  CE certification of investment in  plant &  machinery required by 100% EOU

12.   Computation of installed capacity of plant & Machinery

Wg Cdr HK Aggrawal posted this ad for Business Consulting in Dwarka Sector-7 Delhi on 01-Jan-2011 11:34:05 and it has been visited by 674 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Contact details:

Wg Cdr HK Aggrawal (Contact Advertiser)

9310251345, 01125094738

264, Air Force Naval Officers Enclave Sector 7 Dwarka New Delhi 110075

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