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Most Famous Architect in Kerala - Trivandrum - Thiruvananthapuram

The Thach Creations is a creative unit currently under the management of Neovista Group Of Companies, with Ramesh Warrier as the Managing Director, Sri.Ramesh Warrier is a  Designer by profession. Having passed out as a gold medalist in Design from the Famed Rachna Sansad, SID, SLD & AOA Mumbai (Bombay) he is now specializing in Space Creation & Space Management .

 Our Mission

 We aim at Creating well managed spaces with the four prominent Factors, namely,

       The Building
       Its interiors
       Its Occupants and
       It s Landscape

in perfect harmony and in a mutually complimenting mode. Thereby converting a piece of Land into a place with pleasant self sustaining elements.

 Our Vision

 To create lasting lush green surroundings with emphasis to Native Plants & Trees (some of which have nearly disappeared), minimal change to the existing topography and gradient, creative usage of existing water bodies, with complimenting superstructure and interiors which will in turn provide a healing touch to the occupants and do its bit in preserving the Ozone Layer and also giving a helping hand to control global warming.


We offer a wide range of services viz.

   1. Landscape design
   2. Garden Design
   3. Irrigation Design
   4. Building Design
   5. Interior Design
   6. Furniture Design
   7. Wooden Joinery
   8. Mural Paintings & Sculptures
   9. Design Implementation ( Contracting)

Ramesh Warrier (Chief Designer) updated this ad for Architects - Interior Designers in Thiruvananthapuram on 21-Oct-2016 08:15:06 and it has been visited by 2546 visitors so far on Clickindia.

Call Ramesh Warrier (Chief Designer) - 9895644337 / 09895644336

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