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New Zealand Dairy Farming Study Program - Pathankot

Certificate in Agriculture Skills (Level 3)

 Course Length:           25 weeks

Aim of the Course

The aim of this course is to teach international students industry skills and knowledge used by NZ farmers to increase on farm production. This will enable the international students to return to their own country and to implement the knowledge and skills gained to increase farm productivity back home for the benefit of their country.

The course will cover both practical industry skills as well as the theory to provide the students with an opportunity to gain as much experience as possible to use in their own country.

For students to be considered to have satisfactorily completed this programme, and be eligible for award of the qualification, they must have:

             Completed all scheduled course work requirements and assessments

             Successfully completed assessment requirements for all unit standards, and achieved a minimum total of 85 credits

 The course is designed to provide more advanced learning in the field of agriculture. The majority of the course is at level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework with the Level 2 National Certificate in Agriculture incorporated in the course.

To complete the National Certificate in Agriculture Level 2 - 70 credits are required. To complete the Certificate in Agriculture Skills Level 3 - 85 credits are required. You will need to monitor your progress to ensure you complete the required unit standards from the modules to qualify for the National Certificate.

The following modules (depending on your electives) are covered on the course:

Dairy Farming Module

The units associated with this module will enable the student to learn the practical skills involved in the milking shed. Understand how a milk shed operates, recognise health problems and stock handling skills associated with bringing cows into and through the milking shed.

Sheep/Beef Farming Module

This module will involve stock handling work with an emphasis on yard handling.

Also understanding wool growth, its qualities and problems. There is also a practical element of working in a woolshed environment.

Animal Care Module

Some of this covered in the dairy and sheep/beef modules but it goes more in depth on health and feeding issues. The feeding issues will cover the changing requirements of animals over a calendar year.

Fencing Module

This is mostly practical unit learning fencing knots, installation of posts and strai

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