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Organizational Structure

* Define a Company
* Define a Company Code
* Assign Company Code to Company
* Define Chart of Accounts
* Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts

Global Accounting Setting

* Chart of Account
* Allocate Company Code to Chart Of Accounts
* Setup Account Groups and their Number Ranges
* Assign Fiscal Year Variant
* Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code
* Document Number Ranges for company code
* Assign Field Status variant to Company Code
* Define Tolerances for Employees

General Ledger

* General Ledger Accounts
* Create General Ledger Accounts
* Reconciliation Accounts
* Retained Earnings Account
* Expense and Revenue G/L Accounts
* General Ledger Postings
* Display Balances of G/L Accounts
* Display Line Items
* Reverse Entries
* Park documents in General Ledger
* Post a Parked Document
* Recurring Entries
* Account Assignment Model
* Sample Account

Set up Business Partners: Customer and Vendor

* Set Tolerance for Customers and Vendors
* Customer Account Groups
* Create Number ranges for customer accounts
* Allocate Number Ranges to Customer Groups
* Customer Master Record
* Create Vendor Groups
* Create Number Ranges for vendor Accounts
* Allocate Number ranges to vendor account groups
* Create Vendor Master
* Post a Customer Invoice
* Clear Open Items by Incoming Payments
* Post Partial Payment against an invoice
* Residual Payment
* Create Under / Over Payment Account
* Assign Under / Over Payment Account to Process Key ZDI
* Cash Discount Granted Account at General Ledger level
* Assign Cash Discount Granted Account to process Key SKT
* Cash Discount Taken Account Process Key SKE
* Payment Within Tolerance (incoming)
* Payment within Tolerance (outgoing)
* Payment within Tolerance with 3% discount

SAP Controlling Module.

Controlling - Cost Center Accounting

Step-1    Setup Controlling Area

Step-2    Activate Components / Control Indicators

Step-3    Assign Company Code(s) to Controlling Area

Step-4    Set Controlling Area

Step-5    Maintain Controlling Document groups and their number ranges

Step-6    Create Standard Hierarchy

Step-7    Create Cost Centers
Step-8    Primary Cost Elements

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