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Online Supper mall (Surat) - Ring Road, Surat

Hello!! Online supper mall!
This is super online market we provide best services. We deliver Various company Products At Home.
Delivered In Surat City Same Day And Any Other City It Will Take 5-7 Working Days.
In Surat we offer Grocery store, Coffee & Tea, Dairy Products,
Dry Fruits & Nuts Olive Oils, Vinegars & Salad Dressings, Ready To Cook,
Health & Beauty, Sweets & Confectionery, Meat - Fish & Poultry Food, Flowers,
 Cakes & Pastries, Snacks, Frozen Food and many more items.
We supply these items especially in Surat and Mumbai.

Rox posted this ad for Food Shops - Stores in Ring Road Surat on 04-Mar-2011 18:22:30 and it has been visited by 933 visitors so far on Clickindia.

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Rox (Contact Advertiser)


Ring road Surat

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