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Disha Special School & Autism Centre - R C Dutt Road, Vadodara

Disha Charitable Trust a non-profit organization based in Baroda has been providing a wide range of rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities since the year 1999 through its Special School and Therapy Centre, Autism Centre, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and prevocational and vocational training units.   

 These services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals, therapists and field workers at the centre as well in the community.

Disha Charitable Trust runs following ongoing programs:

         Special School & Autism Centre

       Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)     Program

       Pre-vocational &Vocational Training units

 Services at Disha Special School & Autism Centre

         Assessment & Diagnosis

       Early Intervention

       Guidance & Referrals

       Special Education

       Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

       Speech & Communication Therapy

       Picture Exchange Communication System    (PECS)

       Sensory Integration Therapy

       Occupational Therapy


       Counseling & Behavior Management

       Remedial Education


       Prevocational and vocational Training

       Regular health and Medical check up

       Services to Outstation Children & Families

The  individualised education and therapy program is based on each child's developmental needs.

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Contact details:

Disha Charitable Trust (Contact Advertiser)

9825325250, 0265-2325250

319, Race Course Towers, Gotri Road, Vadodara

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