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Google Earth Takes Netizens for a Journey from Outer Space to their Doorstep and Lot More

Posted on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

Google earth’s latest version 6 released today has three majorfeatures that has amazed its users namely the integrated Street View, 3D trees and an easier way to access historical imagery.

These features reveal the intention of the search engine giant to stay as a major player of mapping technology and tap the lucrative market for local, geographical targeted search. The Street View feature allows users to zoom-in from outer space right to someone’s door step in one swish. It has aimed to digitize much of the world’s accessible areas through photos from its 360-degree camera-equipped van.

While 3D buildings as been a part of Google Earth, trees have now been added to refurbish the environment. Earth 6 boasts the introduction of 80 million 3D trees in Athens, Berlin, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Tokyo, which have been “digitally planted” using models of dozens of species of trees.  Adding to this thrill is the third feature that gives the date of the oldest imagery on the bottom of the screen as and when the user flies over an area where historical imagery is available.