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An initiative by Raspberry Pi to appease children

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2011 at 1:11 pm

How about designing a low cost device to outfit people with basic PC functionality at a low cost? The OLPC (one laptop per child) organization’s new XO-3 tablet to be released soon has already received order for 500,000 PC’s for Palestinian children by the UN.  

India’s $35 tablet project of covering all of India with affordable touch screen computing has got delayed as HCL has withdrawn and new contracts are being pursued.

Raspberry Pi is a new foundation started by David Braben (developed ELITE) to promote mass production of a ultra- minimal PC for $25 and distribute it everywhere. This device is far better than many others that are using cheap component to cover costs. Every kid could carry their entire computer with them on a SD card.  With this 16GB SD card, a USB hub connecting a mouse and a keyboard, and any monitor that connect to composite or HDMI, a fully functional PC is ready.

Raspberry Pi needs to prove that it could finally produce the device for the price quoted. Nevertheless this is a great step and one only hopes that this device is utilized in the ways they were intended- low cost computers with internet connection for students across the world.