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RadiumOne rolls out a new social ad format

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

RadiumOne is the first real time bidding enabled display audience network with social and mobile capabilities. The company is soon emerging as a leader in a new brand of advertising network based on social data.    

This network desires to be innovative by understanding what ads are liked by people and when. The site or service provided to show the ads can turn into premius ad space. RadiumOne build a separate profile for each user to determine the ads that need to be shown to that particular user. By using ads that other do not even use RadiumOne even uses the friends likes to built specific profile.

These ads really work as many retailers have earned profits while advertising through RadiumOne. The problem however lies in getting the right data for the millions of users. RadiumOne builds the interest graph by using widgets that spread links on social networks. Through widgets the user gets to see RadiumOne served ads around the net. RadiumOne desires to pay sites to include their widget to collect more distribution and data.

RadiumOne saw revenue in double digit millions in and may increase it to four or five times in 2011.