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The retail war- vs Walmart

Posted on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 7:25 am was probably the only retail shop that could have challenged Walmart’s established market position and its superiority over all other retail players.

Amazon is already ahead of Walmart in certain quantifiable measures like the customer feedback ranking, online presence etc. It has even surpassed Walmart when it comes to the prices of products.

Walmart is still leading in terms of the annual revenue it generates. The annual revenue of Walamrt stands at a little more than $400 billion whereas is far behind at a little less than $40 billion. Walmart is almost ten times ahead of in this sense. claims that the projected revenue in 2024 will bridge this gap.

Walmart is also bigger in its target market reach and voluminous size. It has around 2 million employees and a customer base of 200 million each week. definitely has a long way to go but the threat to Walmart does persist.