Best Tips to Get High Score in SAT Math

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Aiming to score 800 on SAT Math You have reached the perfect destination. Scoring a perfect 800 on SAT Math eases the overall score for SAT tests. Here we are presenting the tips to answer all 58 questions to get a high score in SAT Math.

Top Tips to Boost SAT Math Score:

1.     Learn from the weakness

It is always suggested to practice a minimum of 7 mock tests before attempting the main test. This way, after attending mock tests, you can understand the points which are your weakness. Start working on those particular points and observe your performance on the next tests. Make sure to overcome the weakness gradually.

2.     Work on Mistakes

Simply attempting mock tests or SAT sample papers can&rsquot help in improving the score. Unless you understand the mistake and work on it, practice won&rsquot be beneficial. So having a bright view of the mistakes is always one of the best tips to improve SAT Score.

3.     Never leave choice

One of the common mistakes on SAT exams is leaving some topics unprepared as they don&rsquot appear on tests regularly. This small mistake can be a cause for a low score. Never leave any topic unprepared. Practice even the rarest questions on SAT Math.

4.     Memorize formulas

A simple tip that can save you is memorizing formulas. SAT Math is not complex. It is designed in a way that every student should be able to attempt and succeed. So the basic concepts of Mathematics can appear on the test. So make sure to memorize basic formulas which can save a lot of time and help to score 800 on SAT Math.

5.     Lower the use of a calculator

The use of a calculator can make the answer accurate. But never depend on it even for the smaller calculations. It may waste your time and slow you down. Practice mental calculations.

6.     Have some spare time

Always make sure to finish the test with at least 10 minutes of spare time. It is to recheck the written answers. It is common to make mistakes in a hurry but leaving them unchecked may lead to losing a mark simply. So always have spare time to verify the answers.

7.     First answer & then bubble

Most of the candidates make the mistake of answering and bubbling simultaneously which can be a big-time waste. Instead, first answer all the questions and then start bubbling to save time. Plus, this method helps to avoid improper bubbling.

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