How to clear UPSC in First Attempt?


Before giving UPSC have a self-assessment about why you want to do UPSC and can you continue such a long gruelling journey?
A lot of people, blogs, jornals will tell you various methods, tips, tricks about how to clear UPSC in first attempt like hardwork, smartwork, Luck, good guidance, etc. but no one will tell you the required essence.

Here we will be discuss and touch various points and factor about this required essence to reach to your goal. Let’s first understand UPSC exam.

The Civil Services Examination will consist of two stages:

  1. Civil Sevices (Preliminary) Examination (Objective Type) for the selection of candidates for Main Examination
  2. Civil Services (Main) Examination (Subjective Type) for the selection of candidates for the various Services and Posts

UPSC is not tough for those who are :

  • Fearless
  • Interested and excited about the syllabus, the learning and the course of study for the upsc
  • Analytical and strategical towards every approach
  • Creative and innovative in learning processes

Things which can help you take one step ahead from others

  • Self reliance
  • Rational
  • Decisive
  • Analytical
  • Sharp memory & writing skills
  • Diplomatic
  • Dedicatied ( Very important) 

A few rules that you need to follow as religion:

  • Understand the pattern of the exam
  • Basic knowledge and understanding needs to be strong
  • Revision is the Key
  • Current affairs should be your best friend
  • Practice, practice and practice
  • Plan and schedule yourself and your brain

In this entire discussion we saw its not about the quantity of books and notes, its about quality. Don’t fear the syllabus, and train yourself and your brain to function in a strategically planned and routined manner. Remember if you fail to plan then you will plan to fail. Focus on your short term goals and your ultimate objective.