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About Aveda AyurA body without disease is always healthy. For many years now, Aveda Ayur has been constantly working offline with true devotion to heal the people in discomfort with its wide range of Ayurvedic products. Aveda Ayur is now online with its own uniqu... Read more

About Aveda Ayur

A body without disease is always healthy. For many years now, Aveda Ayur has been constantly working offline with true devotion to heal the people in discomfort with its wide range of Ayurvedic products. Aveda Ayur is now online with its own unique brand of products under Life Veda, to make the world as much disease and pain free as possible. Aveda Ayur is not just another platform for selling or promoting Ayurvedic healing. What sets it apart from the other platforms is our panel of experienced Ayurvedic Experts who have taken up the task of concocting the exact relief formulations from the ancient Natural Herbs and Herbal Extracts. We bring the magic of Ayurveda through our range of ayurvedic products which have been manufactured from the ancient texts of Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Ashtang Hridayam, and botanical texts like bhav Prakash nighantu . Our Experts are magicians who are dedicated to bringing Herbal remedies from the natural Herbs and the Herbal Extracts

We Ayurvedic manufacturing Company which offers Herbal products that are scientifically designed and passed through a series of rigorous quality tests at all stages right from start to finish under its brand Life Aveda. The Life Aveda Herbal products can be implemented alongside the existing lifestyle right away or can lead to an alternative healthier Ayurvedic lifestyle

Money has a value today like never before Hence Life Aveda makes natural healing a very cost effective process.

What are We Offering To You

As per the wide-end research by our Experts, our range of Herbal products in delivering the accurate Herbal remedy. Our Experts provide a customised Herbal Remedy for the health problems. We, manufactures its own Herbal Products, Herbal health supplement, Dietary Supplements from Natural Herbs for all ailments spanning all ages and genders. We use the Herbal Extracts and Organic Herbs to provide the relief medication. All products are ISO, GMP, Kosshar, Halal, Ayush & FSSAI certified.

Our Mission

To be fit & healthy is the top most priority in everyone&rsquos list

Our mission is to help people identify their ailments and get the correct Herbal remedies or Herbal supplement of Life Aveda after a customized and satisfactory consultation with our panel of Experts The Natural Extracts in the Herbal Supplements is sufficient to cleanse the system and increase its efficiency.

At Aveda Ayur, our mission is to make the people realise the importance of Natural Herbs and Herbal Extracts Instead of popping pills the Herbal Supplements make the body stronger and more immune towards diseases. At Aveda Ayur we recommend following a simple holistic Ayurveda lifestyle which is free of toxins and full of Natural Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Our Vision

Aveda Ayur has a vision to establish itself as a global brand of authentic Herbal dietary Supplements, non-prescription Natural Herbal remedies and promotion of general wellbeing and holistic development. Aveda Ayur is focused on the optimum well being through clinically proven Herbal products from Organic Herbs. Our complete range of Herbal products and Herbal Supplements is free from heavy metals, animal content, parabens, artificial colours and flavours, glutens, toxins and other harmful additives. Our certifications from GMP and ISO guarantee authenticity and purity

Our Goals

Ayurveda runs in our blood While somewhere the Organic Herbs are consumed to cure cold at other places it is consumed to reduce pain Coming from the Herbal Extracts, our Natural remedies also serve as alternatives or Supplements for the overall well being. Our complete range of Herbal products is developed to replace processed food, alternatives to adulterated dairy products, immunity enhancers and skin rejuvenators etc. Aveda Ayur values the ancient tradition of Ayurveda and encompasses all its basic principles in sourcing, manufacturing and customized solutions.

Aveda Ayur is your one stop solution for getting the best customised Natural Herbal remedies. We secure processes and deliver the best Natural Remedies and Herbal Supplements by keeping the Organic Extracts intact. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your body by getting rid of all the toxins and disease. This is why we develop small batches of products to ensure authenticity and purity Our larger goal is to provide as much relief as possible and make the world a better place without diseases with our true devotion to healing


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