Gundiyali Clay pottery
  Uttam Nagar, Delhi

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Miti ke bartan is best & rsquos made of lots of minerals and best miti its unbreakable and washable it has alkaline PH level is more than 7.5 it helps to reduce acidic culture.

The more we "advance" in life, the more we realize the value of our ancient traditions. Much before the advent of plastic and melamine, was clay and ceramic crockery.

If you can recall your grandma used to store water in an earthen pot for a reason the mineral in the clay gets mixed in the water while keeping it cool even in the harshest of summers.

Benefits of using natural clay items

Aluminum or steel utensils are commonly used in homes. But there was a time when pottery is used in the house instead of these utensils. Yes, we are talking about old times. In olden times, people used to use earthen utensils to cook and serve food in homes. But this tradition has been lost over time.

With this, people of today do not know about the benefits of eating in earthen pots. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about the benefits of cooking in earthen pots. Let's know about them-Benefits of eating in an earthen potThe problem of indigestion and gas is overcome.The taste of food increases with clarity.Get rid of constipation problem.The nutrients present in the food are not destroyed.The pH value of food is maintained it prevents many diseases.



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