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Negotiable PHP Training And Placement With Live Project In Ahmedabad by Himanshu Jaiswal

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» PHP Training And Placement With Live Project In Ahmedabad by Himanshu Jaiswal
» Price :  Negotiable
Himanshu Jaiswal (Registered since October-2011) updated this ad 92 days ago via website on Clickindia

Get 100% Training and Placement with Live Project in PHP.

Overview Of PHP

  • Static vs. Dynamic Web Sites
  • Dynamic Content from Databases
  • Developing Dynamic Internet Applications
  • Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting
  • Overview of PHP Advantages and Capabilities
  • Configuring PHP.INI
  • PHP vs. ASP
    • PHP Scripting Fundamentals
    • Print Statement
    • Code Blocks
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Defining Constants and Variables
    • Looping Constructs
    • Conditional Constructs

    • True and False Expressions
    • If, Else and Elseif
    • Switch/Case Statement
    • The ? (Ternary) Operator
    • Timestamps
  • Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs


      Introduction to the Apache Web Server

    • Apache Configuration Files
    • Configuring Apache for PHP
    • WWW Sites within Apache
    • Apache Virtual Hosts
    • Website Properties
    • PHP Functions

  • Introduction to Functions
  • Declaring Functions
  • Scope
  • Passing Arguments to Functions
  • Local and Global Scope
  • Passing Arguments to Functions by Value and Reference
  • Returning Values from a Function
  • Using Include Files
  • The Require Statement
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Function Calls
  • Predefined PHP Functions
  • Designing database driven websites

  • Insertion, Updating, Retrieving, Deletion in MySql tables using PHP
  • Database of products, User Tracking
  • Keeping HTML templates apart from the code
  • Developing the page look using a tool such as Dreamweaver
  • Secure Server, Verification of User Details
  • Accepting online credit card details or online payment

Enabling E-Commerce

  • Required Characteristics of an E-Commerce Site
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Data Validation
  • Building a Custom Shopping Cart
  • Persisting Shopping Cart Data Over Multiple Pages
  • Criteria for Evaluating Third Party Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Open Source vs. Commercial Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Order Processing via the Web
  • Implementing Order System Security using SSL
  • Using Mail Servers (SMTP and Sendmail) for Client Communication
  • Configuring E-mail Output Parameters

Configuring and Using MySQL

  • MySQL as a Client/Server Solution
  • Introduction to MySQL Capabilities as a Powerful RDBMS
  • Installing and Configuring MySQL
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
  • Executing SQL Calls

Using Cookies with PHP

  • Purpose of Cookies
  • Cookie Myths
  • Setting Cookies
  • Retrieving Cookies
  • Expiring Cookies
  • Deleting Cookies
  • Storing Arrays in Cookies

Miscellaneous PHP Tasks

  • Error Logging
  • Session Management & Maintaining State
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Using Environment Variables
  • Changing Execution by Redirecting to Other URLs
  • Embedding JavaScript within PHP
  • Using the HTTP Protocols to Pass Data
  • Showing Different Content to Different Browsers
  • Getting IP Addresses from Visitor
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Contact Person : Himanshu Jaiswal
Location address : Satellite, Ahmedabad ,Gujarat
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