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Air Purifier protect your home from the invisible killers - SriNagar Colony, Hyderabad

- Air Purifier protect your home from the invisible killers by Vijaya Chandra Raju
- Asking price is ₹20250 for this AC - Air Conditioners

“INDOOR Air is 10 times more polluted than OUTDOOR. Most of us spend about 90% time n polluted INDOORS.” – A research report quote.

Vestige brings you SHARP Air Purifier with PLASMA-CLUSTER TECHNOLOGY, which replicate NATURE indoors thus creating a Safe, Pure and Fresh environment like in a Forest.
Vestige SHARP Air Purifier the One & Only Mechanism to:
  • Generate forest fresh air
  • Kill infection causing substances from air and surface
  • Neutralise smell and unpleasant odours.
  • Remove static electricity
  • Improve skin hydration
1. Improved breathing for young children and elderly
Children and the elderly are prone to allergies because of their weaker body systems. Air purifiers provide cleaner air for them and improve their breathing.
2. Improved environment for those living near construction sites Construction sites are full of contaminants from the construction materials therein. If there’s one near your place, air purifiers can help eliminate or trap the particles from these materials for improved air quality.
3. Odor removal Home living will not be complete without the occasional odor problems. You can get rid of them by using air purifiers!
4. Germ removal Since air purifiers are able to capture the tiniest of particles on air, germs cannot escape.
5. Hazardous gas compounds removal Due to pollution and other outdoor factors, harmful gas compounds sometimes enter our houses. Air purifiers can break them down and trap them to prevent their hazardous particles from touching our lives.
6. Improved sleep We breathe deeper when we sleep and with air purifiers in your room, you can be confident that it’s only clean air that enters your system.
7. Improved mood When you know that your house is dust-free and your loved ones only breathe pure air, your mood will really improve.
8. Lowered stress Dirty surroundings and dusty furniture stress out any mom easily. With air purifiers delivering a clean air system in your household, you will never see these stressful scenario at home
9. Medical cost savings Allergic attacks and respiratory complications require medical treatment that will hurt your budget. Prevent them before they even come to reality in your life. Have an air purifier at home and your family will never have to deal with these problems.
10. Asthma relief An air purifier is the mortal enemy of pollens, smoke, dust and other allergens on air. Without them bugging your family, asthma will not haunt you.
For more details :-
K Vijaya Chandra Raju

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Vijaya Chandra Raju ( Registered since 2015-06-28 19:57:50 ) updated this ad on 13-Aug-2017 22:41:15.

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SriNagar Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
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Rs. 20250
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