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Amazon prepares for new device introduction

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 at 5:10 am

Mobile computers are larger than mobile phones and can be operated by touching a flat screen that contains a virtual keyboard.  Also known as tablet personal computers there are two different types of tablet computing, using different operating systems that exist as of now in the market.  

There is a probable rumor that is readying a tablet and Samsung is building the tablet for them. It is not very sure whether the device would be Android powered. Quanta Computers have received manufacturing orders from Amazon and with this Amazon wishes to capture most of the international market.

Amazon already has a ereader in Kindle and with this new tablet Amazon wishes to reduce Kindle’s price and utilize the cheaper device to capture foreign markets. By  keeping the pricing low it is the selling content of the device that would give it an advantage over iPad2 costs.

A tablet from Amazon might change people’s mind and especially if the price undercuts Apple’s by quite a margin. They need to be far better than iPad for people to switch to it. Low pricing may give them only a second position in the market with iPad interface getting better every da